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SALIR , is a contemporary dance and theatrical piece. It was created, produced and performed by Clara Prieur and Corinne Spitalier . It discusses the bond and connection that women share and the intuitive instinct that relates them to one another. In this video we get a glimpse into the world of SALIR, the spanish word for "getting out" . This contemporary and expressive piece demonstrates the breakage of the societal barriers that surround them. This throught all sphere of life;  creatively, in the corportate world as well as in social gatherings.



This channel is coming soon!



The Vigil for Missing Indigenous women is an annual event taking place to commemorate and pay tribute to the women from Indigenous communities in Canada, who's lives are too often overlooked.

I had the chance to film this event alongside my video partner Laily Popal.

The situation and the history of the Aboriginal communities in North America has been highly immoral.

Yet, as we live on their soil we tend to frequently adopt a condescending attitude towards people who have been victims of  a genocide and who to this day still face the consequences of  generational trauma, systemic racism and daily discrimination.


This Vigil  was held  in honor of the lives of women in this communities who due to the conditions in which their people live, are often surrounded by victims of alcoholism, drug addiction and domestic abuse while having  little to no  attention from the authorities  and policy makers who tend  to instead treat them as sub-humans and who fail to provide them with the protection, care and respect that they deserve.

If you would like to offer help or donate to the community , click the link below

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