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Due to my upbringing in different regions of West Africa and North America, I have naturally inclined towards questioning the interdisciplinary nature of diverging fields.

Such a perspective has allowed me to take into account multiple angles while analyzing various subject matters. As I progress professionally and academically, I have applied this reflexual thought process to all of my ventures. Across this journey, I’ve asked myself multiple times:


 How will I combine the finest elements of my different areas of interests in order to innovate and create expansively?


 Throughout this reflection, I felt ready to birth FAD which reveals the intersection between Fashion, Art & Development through the showcasing of experimental ideas and stimulating experiences taking place around the world. Essentially, FAD is a platform that initiates discussions & projects in order to better understand how the merging of Fashion, Art & Development can be utilized as a singular tool that stimulates the emergence of effective strategies introducing new products and services that can contribute to the overall betterment of our modern societies. 


With FAD, I invite you to be open to studying this intersection by immersing yourself through content that attempts to reach you on a more intimate level. 



FAD The intersection between Fashion Art & Development. 

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