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Sustainability seems to be a topic that is newly heard in scholarly contexts as well as on the street.

It touches different sectors and therefore can be used in various intersecting domains.

Yet, why is it so hard to explain the topic to someone who has never heard of it before ?

I believe that at the core of solving any major world issue, lies a very simple explanation.

An explanation that can be expressed verbally in a concise and clear manner. The concept of sustainability appears to be a highly complex subject. Since we are, in the vast majority only accustomed to living in an entirely contradictory manner. It became hard for us to be able to even conceptualize and phrase such an unfamiliar idea. SUPAERA will try it's best to clarify the definition  of  the concept as it is part of the fundamental  values of the platform and will help readers better understand any upcoming projects in those values. 

First of all the basic definition of sustainability is 

Sustainability example : 

Tamegroute :


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