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Picture by Stefan Dotter & Giulia Martinez  Model Archana Akil Kumar


The fashion brand 
producing & advocating for sustainable 

The Luxury Sustainable fashion label ZAZI focuses primarily on sustainability and the economic and social independence of women. They use the up cycling method of working with both vintage and organic materials in order to give a new life to tradition. They do so by partnering with artisans and women from all around the world. The fashion brand mandates to pays fair wages while funding female education and supporting local artisans. They in fact work with artisans from Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, India and Afghanistan. ZAZI works closely with NGOS as their collections are created by small families as well as women empowering organization. Such as (IPHD India), the Institute for Philanthropy and Humanitarian development.



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Picture by Giulia Martinez


Picture by Stefan Dotter , Model Archana Akil Kumar 

Zazi Vintage started with two women. Jeanne Zizi Margot de Kroon a Dutch 24 year old entrepreneur, who was eager to translate her love for the 70’s vintage silk Ikat and her passion for sustainable development’s insertion into the luxury fashion market. & Madhu Ji Vaishnav, a 38 year old Indian woman, living  in the blue city of Jodhpur with the desire to change the lives of the women in  a small rural village 2 hours  into the desert. Madhu could see  great potential in the village. She was a visionary with the ability to see magic where others couldn’t.


Mahdu is the founder of the NGO Saheli Women, She started it with only 100 euro while Jeanne founder of Zazi Vintage started her fashion line with 500 euros.

Their encounter made Jeanne realize the importance of authentic story telling while creating something with purpose.

After having spent a month in Rajasthan, Jeanne left the village with 7 dresses all ethically  made by the women of the village.


This is what later turned into ZAZI vintage. 
Their creation started with a conversation around 
dinner.  Jeanne drew a dress on a piece ofnapkin at the
 restaurant. This sketch was handed to Madhu ,Who then took it to a saree tailor called “ Master Ji”.

The tailor created the pattern from an old Indian newpaper. 
ZAZI was born. Zazi vintage the label not only has a purpose & specific mandate that they maintain in the confection of each and every one of their pieces.

They are all the more a role model of sustainable 
transparency. The idea of creating an ethical and sustainable brand might be enticing to all lot of new brands and to brands desiring to change their procedures and 
approaches in order to better connect with their 
environment-friendly customers

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